Resources for Brewing and Winemaking You Can Rely On

For homebrewing and winemaking enthusiasts, Solar Homebrew LLC in Trenton, NJ provides reliable resources from some of the finest companies in the industry. Step up your brewing game with the comprehensive guides below.

Beer and Hops


For first-time brewers, you may check out Solar Homebrew's guide to brewing a batch of beer from extract.

Hop Growing

Joe Bair of Princeton Homebrew wrote a piece for Philly Beer Scene on cultivating hops. We provide you with another guide to growing hops that is worth a look and a description of the growth characteristics of each variety.

Yeast Starter Preparation

If you're wondering if you need a "yeast starter" or want to know how to make one, Wyeast's website has you covered.

Wine making

For full instructions on how to make your own wine, visit Wine Expert's website.