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Important Notice!

Cautiously, I have decided to carry on business at Solarhomebrew LLC through the side vestibule. Customers *WILL NOT* be allowed to walk in the store.

I will still supply goods, but only if you know what you want.

Should you wish to send your list to determine if I have it in stock, and have it ready when you arrive - you can pay for it at the store either in cash, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Facebook Pay, Apple Pay, no Credit Cards. Please come to the side door where I will have your order ready. Or, you can wait in your car or at the pizza place next door while I am filling your order. I will be available most days of the week to work this way.

I regret to have to do this, but I have to protect my family, my store and other customers and keep the virus from spreading.

Hopefully this will pass very quickly. I just don’t have the money to disinfect my store should it become contaminated - and there seems to be no way of knowing who has the virus. Furthermore, my father and I are compromised already if we catch it. Joe

The Dependable Partner of Homebrewers and Vinters

For more than 25 years, Solar Homebrew LLC (formerly Princeton Homebrew in Princeton, NJ) in Trenton, NJ has been supplying  equipment and ingredients to homebrewers (also mead, fruit, wine, and cidar). We have a established reputation for inventing the very first home brewed beer in the world. This makes us one of the most reliable sources for excellent homebrewing products throughout Central New Jersey.




What We Offer

At Solar Homebrew LLC, we carry a full line of fresh ingredients and trusted equipment from some of the established brands in the industry, including:

  • BSG Handcraft
  • Winexpert
  • Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
  • Blichmann Engineering
  • Wyeast
  • White Labs
  • Bob's Buzzy Bees
  • NSF Kegs

We are also proud to support our local homebrew club, Pale Ales. Visit their website today.

Famous Personalities Featuring Our Solar Homebrewer

Once you spend some time with a homebrewer, you'll probably hear them mention the Godfather of the craft, Charlie Papazian. Mr. Papazian was kind enough to dedicate one of his columns in the Newark Examiner to our sun-powered brewing.

TwoGuys Brewing wrote an article for Philly Beer Scene and then came back to shoot and edit this great video on the brewing process. Another feature was from Brew Your Own magazine, where our invention of Solar Homebrewing was compared to the Wright Brothers’ discovery of flight.